Old Dogs and New Tricks: Staying Current in Tech

There are things we can’t control, like ageism. And there are things we can control in order to stay relevant and valuable in workplaces whose median age is usually below 40.

Older workers in tech can fall into some career-killing habits, or we can use our hard-won wisdom to stay relevant.

Learn about ways you can avoid being made redundant before your time:

      • Avoiding the COBOL trap
      • Active listening when you can’t hear as well as you used to
      • Embracing unconscious incompetence
      • Revising outdated contexts on the fly
      • Learning from younger coworkers

Bring your good and bad experiences to share.
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Photo of Mysti Berry.

Mysti Berry has been writing software technical documentation for 27 years. From databases to Identity-as-a-Service, she’s seen a lot, including writers terminated before their time, and 20-something whiz kids who taught her to look at technical writing with fresh eyes.



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