February 14: “What You Need to Know about IPv6 and the Internet of Things”

IPv6 is critical to operation of the internet and foundational to the Internet of Things. At our February 14 session, you’ll learn these things:
1. What IPv6 is and how it differs from its predecessor, IPv4.
2. Why is it so important to the Internet and foundational to the Internet of Things industries?3. What are key business drivers for IPv6 adoption in an enterprise?
4. What have been key adoption milestones and the current state of global deployment?
5. How do we go about transitioning to the new protocol?
a. It’s just like Y2K, right?
b. Can we just flip a switch to IPv6? Or What’s a dual-stack?
c. What are the biggest challenges to adoption?
d. What makes an adoption initiative successful?
6. Tools and resources review and demo

About the Speaker
E. Marie Brierley is a technology enthusiast, speaker, and writer. She has contributed to notable tech companies: Qualcomm, Cisco & Gigamon. Data center technologies and data analysis are her primary areas of focus. She served as senior program manager for Cisco IT’s IPv6 and IoT programs. Her Cisco team demonstrated IPv6 was mature enough to conduct business at scale with Cisco’s $40 billion run rate; their work featured in http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/about/ciscoitatwork/borderless_networks/docs/M-EN-02242014-IPv6-Web-Presence.pdf
She is currently a 2018 Executive MBA Candidate at Santa Clara University.

For this month’s meeting, you can also get tickets at this link:

6:00 to 7:00 pm: Networking, conversation & dinner
7:00 to 7:15 pm: Announcements
7:15 to 8:30 pm: Presentation
8:30 to 9:00 pm: Conversation, follow up on job announcements
9:00 to 9:15 pm: Clear the room; move conversations to the sidewalk

• Important to know
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