September 12: Does the design of a ballot prevent errors in voting?

A California election offered a natural experiment in user interface design—an open Senate seat that would be on the ballot statewide. Ballot designs must adhere to legal, technical, and financial constraints, but there is still room for variation. California’s 58 counties came up with 58 different designs. Nancy Frishberg was part of a group that analyzed the results after the election. They evaluated whether any of the discretionary graphic treatments and county-specific wording achieved better results or fewer errors. Did wording, layout or other graphic design elements lead to more accurate voting (fewer disqualified ballots)?

Come find out what they learned about user interface design in relation to a real-world situation with very high stakes.

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About the speaker:

Nancy Frishberg is a user experience professional and team coach based in the SF Bay Area. She works with clients from industry, government, non-profit agencies to improve product and service providers with useful feedback from customers and users.

Event info

Time: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Location: Highlands Country Club 110 Hiller Drive, Oakland, CA 94618

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