Chapter History

Origins of the San Francisco Bay Chapter

The San Francisco Bay Chapter was created in 2020 through a merger three previous Bay Area chapters. First, in 2019, the East Bay Chapter merged with the Berkeley chapter. Then in 2020, the San Francisco chapter joined in merging with the Berkeley Chapter. Together, these three chapters became the San Francisco Bay chapter.

East Bay Chapter

The East Bay chapter was started in 1962! It was originally called the Pacifica Chapter. Twenty years later, in 1982, the name was changed from Pacifica to East Bay chapter to better reflect the chapter’s location.

In 1987, the East Bay chapter divided with the starting of a separate Berkeley chapter. Now there were two chapters, with Berkeley serving members west of the hills and East Bay serving members on the east side.

You can find more information on the history of the East Bay chapter page.

Berkeley Chapter

The Berkeley chapter of STC started during a time of rapid growth for technical communication in the Bay Area. The chapter started in the summer of 1987 as an offshoot of the East Bay chapter. The new chapter was organized with nineteen members and was recognized as a subsidiary chapter by STC on August 24, 1987.

The chapter grew rapidly, more than doubling its membership in a few months. By December 1987, it had 42 members. At its first election in April 1988, Ray Bruman became president, and with this success, Berkeley shed its subsidiary status and became a full-fledged chapter in June 1988.

The Berkeley chapter has met in many different venues over the years, but since June 2007 the chapter has met at the Highlands Country Club in the Berkeley Hills.

You can find more details on the history of the Berkeley chapter page.

San Francisco Chapter

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